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The Challenges of SIEMs in a Cloud World

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms have been around for over 20 years, and they have a significant role in many organizations’ security stacks. However, they simply weren’t designed for today’s cloud-scale, and many organizations are realizing that SIEMs no longer provide the value advertised. It’s no secret that SIEMs are challenging to deploy, difficult to manage, and tie up security budget, not to mention the ways in which they can prove prohibitive to companies that want to scale, with unforeseen costs arising as a company gets larger.

  • Prescriptive rules writing can’t account for the “unknown unknowns”
  • Time and expertise are necessary for proper SIEM care and feeding
  • Prohibitive expenses force growing companies to cut corners on security


A New Approach

Rather than dumping your CloudTrail logs straight into a SIEM, facing potentially high ingest or computing costs, Lacework slots into the space between your activity logs and SIEM service. Lacework learns your unique enterprise environment using sophisticated machine learning in order to understand what’s normal and then detect what’s abnormal. Lacework pre-processes your activity logs to identify these behavioral anomalies and then alert on those anomalies, resulting in radical reductions of data sent to a pre-existing SIEM, events with deeper context, and fewer false positives.

  • Unsupervised machine learning determines what’s normal in your cloud infrastructure
  • Pre-processing of complex data simplifies SIEM management
  • Behavioral anomaly detection identifies threats as deviations from the norm

Reducing Complexity / Increasing Clarity

With Lacework, you’ll never face a 10,000-alert day again, and you won’t need security personnel dedicated to slogging through a thousand rules to figure out which one just broke your production pipeline. Lacework’s patented Polygraph® technology provides deep insight and rich context into all your nodes, containers, and processes in your cloud environments, capable of describing every interaction and, especially, atypical interactions. Further, Lacework’s average time to content-rich data is just four days (compare that to the unending months of care and feeding required for large SIEMs).

  • Cooperation between Lacework and your SIEM optimizes threat detection and reporting
  • Easy-to-understand visualizations of the state of your cloud accounts
  • Fast time to value means moving back to production quickly

Only the Rules You Want

From here on out, it’s only the rules you want. As enterprises scale, it’s common for rules written in earlier stages to shut down production, as the needs of DevOps engineers increase. When we stop relying on rules, we can shift left to support our engineers and spend more resources on value-additive work rather than defensive work. It would be foolhardy, of course, to claim that writing rules is useless—there are always known bads and vulnerabilities that rules can protect us from—but you no longer have to invest an entire employee’s time on writing rules for your SIEM and keeping it up to date.

  • Rules are (truly) optional, protecting your pipeline from over-restrictive measures
  • Decreased maintenance allows better focus on production
  • Time and work hours saved from writing rules frees up resources
  • Shifting left means that security workflows can actually help, not hamstring, DevOps

Energetic Alerting

Every organization should be cautious of alert fatigue. When an employee comes in after their weekend with 2,000 alerts to go through, and not enough context about which of these are actually mission critical, you can bet that the majority of those alerts will get the “Ignore” button. Rather than alert fatigue, Lacework provides energetic alerting, surfacing only those events that result from its context-rich behavioral anomaly detection. The average Lacework customer drops their alerts to only 2 or 3 per day (or even per week).

  • Réduisez drastiquement les alertes et concentrez-vous sur les anomalies du système.
  • Eliminating alert fatigue keeps employees proactive around critical events
  • Understand the alerts you do receive with increased context

Quality, Context-Based Outcomes

With Lacework, you can trust that we’ll maintain zero trust in all your containers, nodes, processes, and everything they communicate with, helping you avoid supply side attacks, internal threats, misconfigurations, and breaches, all through our behavioral anomaly detection. With constant monitoring and a sophisticated endpoint agent, we provide visibility into the normal activities of your cloud infrastructure and help your SIEM surface only those events which break with the picture-as-usual.

  • Detect threats and aid investigations while eliminating background noise
  • Monitor everything across and within your cloud accounts with the Lacework agent
  • Utilisez votre SIEM comme prévu pour agir sur les événements critiques.

Get a personalized assessment of your cloud security posture from a Lacework engineer to view how the Lacework Cloud Security Platform can save you 90% time in event investigation time and up to 35% in cloud security costs compared to traditional approaches.


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