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Lacework vs. Competition
Pinpoint real threats and critical risks across your cloud

End-to-end cloud security in one place. Prioritize cloud risks and uncover active threats — without writing a single rule.

The Lacework advantage

A full cloud defense, from build time through runtime

More value with a single, unified platform.

More value with a single, unified platform.

Enough with point solutions that only solve part of the problem. With Lacework, get continuous threat monitoring, security posture management, and much more — in one integrated platform.

Spot active threats instantly. Even unknowns.

Spot active threats instantly. Even unknowns.

Lacework creates a baseline of normal behavior in your cloud, then continuously monitors runtime for abnormalities, uncovering the most elusive threats.

Flexible deployment options to grow with you.

Flexible deployment options to grow with you.

Lacework can walk with you on your entire cloud maturity journey, whether you simply need agentless visibility or are ready for full end-to-end build time and runtime protection.

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Gartner predicts all-in-one platforms are the future

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Why choose Lacework?

Point solutions can only get you so far.

Features Lacework Wiz
Cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP)
Security through the entire app development lifecycle
Full visibility from build time through runtime No continuous runtime visibility
Cloud security posture management (CSPM)
Uncover misconfigurations and compliance risks
Infrastructure as Code (IaC) security
Address risk at the earliest stage possible
Cloud workload protection platform (CWPP)
Protect workloads continuously with runtime threat detection
Continuously monitor for known and unknown threats in workloads Takes guesses at potential threats by tying risks together into “toxic combinations”
Workload vulnerability scanning
Find and prioritize vulnerabilities in containers and workloads
A mature, optimized, time-proven agent
Have full visibility into cloud runtime activity
Time-proven agent supports nearly 20 different environments No continuous runtime visibility
Audit log analysis, without painful rules
Monitor user and resource activity through cloud audit logs
Analyzes and correlates cloud audit logs to uncover issues, no manual rules required Audit log ingestion, also referred to as Cloud Detection and Response (CDR), requires rules and signatures
Behavior-based threat detection
Find all suspicious behavior in your cloud, uncovering zero day threats
Pinpoints deviations from your unique environment’s baseline in near real-time No continuous runtime visibility

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